The latest data coming from the Department of Health and the recent address to the nation by President Cyril Ramaphosa regarding the developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa, portray a worrying image that should concern each one of us, especially the student community of Nelson Mandela University.

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As we welcome our students who have accepted the offer to return to the University as part of the first 33% cohort of final year students.  We would like to use this platform to remind our students about the non-negotiables in our collective fight to flatten the curve, save lives and secure the future. In our previous issue communicated these non-negotiables, but, what we have witnessed on the ground - from a minority of students - compels us to repeat the message.


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This platform serves as a reflective, discursive and connecting space between myself and the entire student community of our beloved university. Through this platform, we converse with our students and broader stakeholders on all matters of student life, wellbeing and development at Mandela University.

Luthando Jack, Dean of Students