The 25th May 2019 is Africa Day. The Organisation of African Unity was established on this day by the leaders of the continent in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 

As part of our celebration of Africa Month, our fifth issue has a dual focus on the knowledge we need to develop the continent as well as a focus on Africa Day.

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As part of our celebration of the month of May which is Africa Month, we release our fourth issue. The focus of this issue is the African Youth Charter as adopted by the youth of Africa in 2006 in Gambia. The charter was subsequently adopted by the African Union.  The charter could be justifiable referred to as a blue print for the development of Africa’s young people.
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As part of our celebration of the month of May which is Africa Month, our third issue reflects on the role of African intellectuals and intelligentsia. The African continent through its continental body, the African Union had in 2015 adopted a developmental programme entitled, Agenda 2063. The programme’s time horizon sets out a development trajectory for the continent towards the centenary of the establishment of the Organisation of African Unity (OAU) - a forerunner to the African Union.  Established in 1963. Agenda 2063 has the following seven developmental aspirational ends for the continent:
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In our last issue we had committed to dedicate the month of May, which is Africa Month, to reflections on the strides and challenges encountered in driving Africa’s Agenda 2063. This issue will in the context of Mandela University looking back and forwards on the extent to which we have successfully moulded a leadership that is committed to and capable of imagining and driving Africa’s development programme.
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