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Student Development Programmes

Our student development initiatives are crafted to enrich your skills and leadership attributes. Through both virtual and face-to-face interactions, we foster intimate learning environments and opportunities for enduring friendships. An array of possibilities awaits you—join our programmes and craft your own narrative!


Co-Curricular Record

Nelson Mandela University advocates for and authenticates comprehensive student growth and advancement through an official Co-Curricular Record (CCR). The CCR serves as an accredited platform for students to document various supplementary learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting, equipping them for both professional endeavours and personal growth. Aligned with predefined learning outcomes assessed through qualitative evaluations of each co-curricular engagement, the CCR furnishes university stakeholders with a structured insight into each student’s holistic learning journey and progression.


 Several programmes are available for students:


The Beyond the Classroom (BtC) Programme offers a deliberate learning platform that enhances the desired attributes of university graduates and fosters holistic student development. BtC focuses on cultivating imaginative, self-sufficient, and socially aware students, promoting a positive and cohesive environment for both personal growth and academic endeavours.

BtC at Nelson Mandela University embodies the institution's commitment to lifelong learning, fostering critical thinking, promoting respect, tolerance, citizenship, and academic excellence.


For more information contact:

Deidre Potgieter 041 5042167 or


Beyond the Classroom staff and students at the celebratory breakfast for 2023 graduates



EBUHLANTI Men’s Leadership Programme  – The Kraal:

Is a comprehensive and transformative initiative designed to empower men from diverse backgrounds to become effective leaders, role models, and agents of positive change in their personal and professional lives. This program offers participants a unique opportunity to develop essential leadership skills, foster meaningful connections, and explore topics related to personal growth, communication, empathy, and social responsibility in safe space for men.

Sign up on the link below between 28 February 2024 – 11 March 2024, by 16:00. If you miss the date please email:

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For more information contact:

Yanga Lusasa 041 5041235 or

Ebuhlanti Certification and Ebuhlanti Declaration



LeadHER - A women empowerment programme

LeadHER is a six - month hybrid programme that promotes an intellectual atmosphere amongst young women, with 8 Dialogue sessions, from women who are making big strides in different industries and 1 Women in Leadership Seminar. 

It focuses on enhancing and cultivating leadership capabilities through guided and focused themes, personal learning and development of skills and needs.

The LeadHER Women’s empowerment Program journey is built around complementary themes carefully selected to facilitate the development of leadership competencies in women. It is also a space to acknowledge and tap into historic role played by women in inspiring the current generation of young women to emulate. These seminar series empower the students to amongst other.

  • Gain personal empowerment and greater sense of presence in society, through establishing a strategic partnership that emulate success stories of generations of women.
  • Boost thinking in seeing things from a new perspective by gaining insight into women leadership.
  • Develop behaviours that align with & support personal leadership
  • Navigate complex relationships and systemic challenges that better the lives of women in society.
  • Build skills for leading change and position young women at the centre of social change.


Who can join: 

Any female registered student 

Contact person: Sinovuyo Mdlungu at

LeadHER - Driving change through accelerated women empowerment and emancipation.  



  • Leaders for Change Programme

Leaders for Change (LFC) is aimed at identifying, developing and enhancing the leadership qualities, attitudes and skills of individuals through the imparting of knowledge that is current, relevant and contextually appropriate. The programme provides students with opportunities to develop and enhance a personal philosophy of leadership that includes understanding of self, others and community and acceptance of responsibilities inherent in community membership.  
Join LFC to enhance your leadership skills and take your development to the next level.  
For more information contact:
Queeny Nqikashe at 041 5043229 or

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LFC Certification and LFC Seminar