Student Development Programmes

Our student development programs are designed to enhance your skills and leadership qualities.  The facilitated interaction – virtually and face to face - creates intimate learning opportunities and a chance for lasting friendships. A range of opportunities awaits you -join our programs and write your story!


Co-Curricular Record

The Nelson Mandela University promotes and validates holistic student learning and development by an official, verified record of student co-curricular involvements through a university Co-Curricular Record (CCR).  The CCR provides an official avenue for students to record the inter alia complementary learning experiences outside of the classroom that prepares them for work and life. Linked with learning outcomes determined through a qualitative analysis of each co-curricular involvement, the CCR provides the university constituents with a formalized understanding of each student’s holistic learning and development. 


 Several programmes are available for students:


The Nelson Mandela University supports life-long learning, the promotion of critical thinking, respect and tolerance for all and the promotion of citizenship and academic success. To assist in the development of creative independent community minded learners who will contribute towards a positive living and learning community a voluntary leadership programme was developed.

The programme allows co-curricular learning outside of the classroom and offers development opportunities through interactive group experiences. The programme has been offered since 2009 with 1818 students completing the programme to date.

For more information contact:

Deidre Potgieter 041 5042167 or



Beyond the Classroom Professor Zinn congratulating Thobile Ntsele on winning the Alice Award

Students celebrating with Dr Tai-Hing


Ebuhlanti – The Kraal _ Men’s Leadership Programme #LeadFromTheFront is designed to empower male students and refine their leadership skills. The purpose is to encourage men to take up the responsibility to behave in a moral and ethical manner, which resonates with the value system of society.  It is   a platform where men can come together and share their struggles, issues and fears. It encourages critical thinking and has a strong focus on establishing a community that holds each other accountable.

It encourages men to stand for what is right and to eradicate gender based violence and negative stereotypes.  Fifteen students received certificates for their participation in the 11 sessions held during the year. Students were reluctant to raise questions and talk about issues at the start of the programme, however they gradually became more engaged and robust discussions were held. Students indicated that the programme has challenged their actions towards more fulfilling and positive behaviours.

For more information contact:

Yanga Lusasa 041 5041235 or

Ebuhlanti Certification and Ebuhlanti Declaration


  • Leaders for Change Programme

The Leaders for Change (LFC) programme is a leadership programme aimed at developing elected student leaders. The programme commenced in March 2019 with the Leaders for Change Seminar.

Workshops were held bi-monthly on the South and 2nd Avenue campuses and covered topical issues such as:  How to hold an Effective Meeting, CV Building, Conflict Resolution, Diversity and the Art of Delegation. Students are required to give back to their communities and commit 20 hours of volunteer service. To receive recognition for the programme students need to complete an on line reflective component and build a portfolio of learning.  Twenty-six students fulfilled all the requirements of the programme in 2019.

For more information contact:

Sinovuyo Mdlungu at 041 5043857 or

LFC Certification and LFC Seminar