Nelson Mandela University is committed to Freedom of Expression as enshrined in Section 16 of the Constitution and appreciates the value of dialogue on social media sites. The right to Freedom of Expression does not however, include the advocacy of group hatred, which incites others to cause harm, or the use of disparaging epithets to address the individual members of certain groups in society. Such speech undermines the integrity, dignity and equality of vulnerable group members, upsets social cohesion and nation building, and is not tolerated in the democratic society envisaged by the Constitution and the university. The staff and students of the university undertake to uphold and advance the Constitution and will not abide racism, the harmful stereotyping of target groups or the advocacy of group hatred inciting harm. The Nelson Mandela University community is reminded to use this hard won freedom responsibly in the use of online and social media platforms. Staff and students are therefore expected not to abuse these platforms to defame or cause harm to any natural and juristic persons – including Nelson Mandela University.

All comments are moderated to the best of our ability and we reserve the right to remove comments which do not comply with these guidelines.
Posted: 18/10/2017 14:20:15 | with 1 comments