Dear Students,

It gives me a great pleasure to welcome you to the Nelson Mandela University family. We aspire to give all our students an enduring quality learning experience. Our primary mandate is predicated on the university’s strategic goal aimed at enhancing student success through the provision of holistic support and development within and beyond the classroom.

In consonant with the fundamental purpose of cultivating and diffusing ideas and knowledge in an evolving and changing society, our student engagement ethos is premised on our conviction that education is a process of engaging thinking and imaginative human beings to wholly develop their talents and capacities.

We thus see ourselves in partnership with our students in a co-created and involved crusade to empower, enable, engage and expose our students and thus making it a stress-free hard work for them to realise their life career choices through education. 

The Division of Student Affairs through its five departments – Madibaz Sport; Student Housing; Student Governance and Development;  Campus Health Services and Disability Services – is committed to the co-creation and implementation of responsive and student centric quality student life and development programmes. This will and can only be possible if we are working together and have successfully activated students as leading actors in the development and implementation of such programmes. 

Our name of the game is student’s involvement through activating students as champions of their own development.  Be involved; participate; engage; so that you can be empowered, enabled and exposed.

I therefore invite our students to challenge us with unique, imaginative, innovative and game changing ideas. Such ideas must help Nelson Mandela University transform into a truly African university that truly epitomises and lives the values and the principles that tata Nelson Mandela stood for.

Thank You,

Luthando Jack.