Nelson Mandela University has prioritised the safety and security of our students as part of creating a conducive environment for effective learning and teaching. The university views the creation of a safe and secure environment for learning and teaching as integral to its business. This environment extends to the living spaces of our students both in our on and off-campus accommodation. 

As part of ensuring that the stated commitment is realised, the university is employing the following measures:

  • Implementing a strategy anchored on effective deployment of security personnel, deployment of technology and robust stakeholder management. The strategy has a clear implementation plan that is currently being actioned.
  • Building and strengthening collaboration with SAPS, Metro Police and other law enforcement agencies.
  • Fostering collaborations with neighbouring communities in a joint effort to fight crime in the surrounding environments.

The university continues to deploy and improve technology both for purposes of monitoring and tracking security breaches. The security personnel are continuously being capacitated so that it can better respond to the changing tactics of criminals.

 The process of improving the fencing on all our campuses is on-going and the commitment to creating a single entrance for South and North campuses remains unchanged, with the university dealing with legal compliance requirements before this can be turned into a reality.

The Summerstrand Crime Community Forum continues to be active and the university is trying to influence the establishment of similar structures in Central and Missionvale.

The university also participates in collaborative structures convened by the municipality that bring together the crime fighting institutions. These regular meetings convened by the NMB Mayor and officials of the city are aimed at coming up with reviewing jointed ways of dealing with crime in the city. We also continue to collaborate with SAPS and the Metro Police on risk profiling and strategies to combat crime in our immediate environment - this includes priority areas for patrols.

These and many other efforts that the university is part of need to be buttressed by the following modifications in consciousness from our students:

  • We need to be vigilant and not allow strangers into our living spaces.
  • Keep your student card and passwords safe at all times.  Do not give it to unauthorised persons.
  • Report suspected acts of crime/ intrusion to the law enforcement agencies, including Protection Services.
  • Report areas that you feel to be unsafe especially at night so that these could be included in the risk profile.

The incidents of crime that have been reported in the recent weeks cannot and should not be tolerated. Even though the city of Port Elizabeth is known as one of the high crime areas in the country, we call upon everyone to be eternally vigilant and careful as we do our best to deal with our internal environment and strengthen existing partnerships to combat crime in our external environment.

Whilst law enforcement agencies must do their part in bringing about a safe and secure environment, let us equally take responsibility for our own safety and security.

Be an agent of your own safety and security!

Posted on 27 August 2019 15:27:42

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