Dear Students,

The examination period is one of the challenging yet rewarding stages on the University calendar. This period paves the way to the next graduation ceremony where we will all gather as the university to celebrate you and your family’s achievement. Let this be your inspiring instrument as you forge ahead in this examination period.

All success stories and game changers are an upshot of hard work,  focus on the prize and resilience and all applied in one’s daily life. From my experience of life, talent alone as a yardstick to open paths to accomplishment is never enough. It is authenticity, consistency, teamwork and humility amongst others that mould you to be a total person and thus enabling you to easily connect and relate to others in search for and in pursuit of your life aspirations.

Whilst the University has been correctly held to account by your student leaders to provide a fulfilling living and learning environment, it is equally your responsibility to utilise your available resources to maximum effect to facilitate your success. No matter the odds, I appeal to every student to strive for excellence and always seek to exceed minimum requirements on every task that is given. Challenge the limits!

A healthy body delivers a healthy mind. Health is wealth. It is important that you commit to eating healthy, taking enough breaks in-between your study periods, spend some time with friends and connect with your family.

I am sending all the good wishes to all of you. Good luck and may all your dreams come true.


Luthando Jack

Dean of Students

Posted on 18 October 2019 10:55:12

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Luthando Jack, Dean of Students